MEDICHEM Membership

MEDICHEM Membership Application-Form Word format

Who Can Join

All occupational and environmental health professionals, such as occupational physicians, toxicologists, occupational hygienists, epidemiologists, occupational psychologists, safety engineers and managers, regulators, occupational health nurses, and others of graduate status with an interest in occupational and environmental health, whether from industry, university, government departments or institutions, are invited to apply for MEDICHEM Membership.

If you are interested in becoming a Member of MEDICHEM, please complete the MEDICHEM Membership Application-Form (doc format), including any areas of special interest or expertise you may have, save the form in your files, and return the form as an attachment (as a Word document) by e-mail to Prof. Dr. Kenneth A. Mundt (address and contact details are located on the bottom of the form).

Benefits of MEDICHEM Membership

  • Interaction with decision-makers from the worldwide international occupational health community and experts from international and regional organizations.
  • Promotion of international cooperation between MEDICHEM Members as well as with different stakeholders of the chemical industry.
  • Belonging to an international network which provides and promotes opportunities for members to exchange information and ideas relating to occupational and environmental health in the production and use of chemicals.
  • Having access to a National Representative as direct contact person in currently 43 Countries.
  • Participation in high-level, specialized annual International MEDICHEM Congresses at a reduced registration fee. The MEDICHEM Congress attracts papers and presenters of high scientific standard. It provides an opportunity to stay connected with new scientific developments and trends.
  • The receipt of the proceedings of each Congress without additional charges. The proceedings are published in a peer reviewed scientific journal.
  • Two to three Newsletters annually with articles of interest from around the world, MEDICHEM news and forthcoming events.
  • The MEDICHEM Homepage with general information on MEDICHEM, like Board Members, Congress dates, and Newsletters, as well as with specialized information, including the comprehensive database Other Conferences Worldwide, helpful links and online databases covering occupational and environmental health issues.
  • Access to the Members Only Menu at the website, which provides the list of MEDICHEM Members Worldwide with Expertise Databank including the specific information on the main fields of interest and expertise of each Member, to enable Members with similar interests to contact one another. Furthermore access is given to MEDICHEM specific information, including the Constitution, Minutes of Board Meetings and General Assemblies, Scientific Committee Reports about all MEDICHEM business meetings and activities to ICOH, as well as archive material of MEDICHEMs history.
  • As an occupational health professional in training competing for the MEDICHEM Prize if the annual MEDICHEM Congress is held in his or her country.
  • The opportunity to be awarded a Scholarship or a MEDICHEM Young Professionals Award to enable individuals to present scientific papers at MEDICHEM's Congresses.

Membership Fees

Dues Payment Procedure

Dues are to be paid either yearly or for three consecutive years in advance. The contribution for individual Members is € 40 per year or € 100 for three years (discount of € 20).

The dues are payable to the Treasurer, Dr. Steffen Hitzeroth, either by credit card (Master Card, Visa, American Express, EC Bank Card), PayPal, bank draft, or international money order to: MEDICHEM, Account number: 277001921 at the Nassauische Sparkasse Wiesbaden, Germany, Bank Code: 510 500 15, IBAN: DE37 510 500 15 0 277001921, BIC: NASSDE55.

If you plan on paying online, you will be able to pay by clicking on the following links:

Annual Fee

Triennial Fee

Membership Fee - Reduced

Reduced Membership Fees

A reduced annual subscription is available to Members of MEDICHEM.

The following will apply:

  1. A reduced annual subscription may be offered to Members who are economically disadvantaged.
  2. There will be only one reduced annual subscription rate.
  3. The reduced annual subscription will be determined by the MEDICHEM Board.
  4. A Member must state in writing to the Treasurer why he/she wishes to apply for a reduced annual subscription.
  5. All details relating to a Member's application for a reduced annual subscription will be kept confidential to the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
  6. There will be no publicly available list which identifies a Member as paying a reduced annual subscription.
  7. A Member paying a reduced annual subscription is entitled to all the privileges of any Member in good standing.
  8. The scheme of reduced annual subscriptions will be funded by the MEDICHEM chest. The maximum sum available for this scheme and therewith the maximum number of Members eligible to receive the benefit of reduced annual subscriptions will be determined by the Board of MEDICHEM annually.

Sustaining Membership

The Sustaining Members of MEDICHEM get for their financial support the membership fees for a certain number of MEDICHEM Members belonging to their organisation for free, depending on the amount of annual sponsorship.

Furthermore, the Sustaining MEDICHEM Members are not only mentioned below, but they have a platform for advertising on the MEDICHEM website (List of Sponsors by categories, Logo, Advertisement) at the heading Members and the subheading Sustaining Members (here).

If you plan on becoming a Sustaining Member of MEDICHEM, you will be informed on the respective numbers and will be able to pay online by clicking here.

After payment, the individual MEDICHEM Members your organisation wants to nominate have to submit the Application for MEDICHEM Membership Form (doc format) indicating the Sustaining Membership at the respective place. For the described advertising please contact the Secretary General Prof. Dr. Kenneth A. Mundt (Click for email address).

To discuss any question or alternative proposals for your company's involvement (e.g. higher or lower or different sponsorships), please contact the Secretary General Prof. Dr. Kenneth A. Mundt: (Click for email address.)

Sustaining Members of MEDICHEM (alphabetical order):

Akzo Nobel, Arnhem,The Netherlands. ARBO Dienst DSM, Geleen, The Netherlands. BASF S.E., Ludwigshafen, Germany. Berufsgenossenschaft Rohstoffe und chemische Industrie (BG RCI; German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the Raw Materials and Chemical Industry), Heidelberg, Germany. Bundesarbeitgeberverband Chemie (BAVC; The German Federation of Chemical Employers' Associations), Wiesbaden, Germany. Dow Chemical, Midland, MI, USA. European University - Cyprus EUC, Nicosia, Cyprus. F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Basel, Switzerland. Novartis, Basel, Switzerland. Procter & Gamble, Schwalbach, Germany. Ramboll Environ, Amherst, MA, USA. Reliance Industries Ltd., Mumbai, India. Sadara Chemical Company, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Shoreland Travax, Milwaukee, WI, USA. Solvay S.A., Brussels, Belgium.

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