The congress will be hosted at the Bildungszentrum 21; Oekolampad, Schönenbuchstrasse 9, 4055 BASEL, Switzerland.



The Bildungszentrum at Schönenbuchstrasse is easily accessible by tram:

From the trainstation Basel SBB: number 1 to Stop Birmannsgasse (Three minutes walk);

The alternative is tram number 6 to Allschwilerplatz (right in front of the venue, across the street).

If you travel by car:
The next parking for the day is the Parking Ahornhof, Birmannssgasse 9, Basel (open from 06.00h to 19.00 h Mo-Fri). From there it is a three minute walk to the venue.

Alternatively, please find the link the parking garages of Basel:

You then might choose to take the tram number 1 to either Birrmannsgasse or number 6 to Allschwilerplatz.