Helpful Downloads


Battling asbestos - with prevention and medical examinations
DGUV, 2015, 4 pages

Asbestos still kills
IG Metall, 2014, 8 pages

National Asbestos Profile for Germany
BAuA, 2014, 71 pages

Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS 519): Asbestos Demolition, reconstruction or maintenance work
Committee on Hazardous Substances - AGS, BAuA, 2007, 59 pages

Practical assistance for occupational and environmental health professionals:

Working in Oxygen Reduced Atmospheres
DGUV, 2013, 20 pages

Storage of chemicals, Guidelines for good practice
ISSA, Section Chemistry, 2012, 27 pages

Maintenance and Changes in Plants with High Safety Requirements, Practical Guidance
ISSA, Section Chemistry, 2007, 76 pages

Mis-Identification of chemicals, Causes and Precautions for Storage, Transport and Production Plant
ISSA, Section Chemistry, 2003, 21 pages

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