Congresses: The MEDICHEM Scholarship

MEDICHEM is concerned to promote the development of occupational health professionals. To this end, MEDICHEM Scholarships are offered to individuals to present scientific papers at MEDICHEM's annual International Congresses. MEDICHEM Scholarships based on the scientific value of the submitted paper are available to individuals whose economic situation would prevent them from attending the conference to present. Such Scholarships are available to a maximum of three MEDICHEM Members and non-members alike, regardless of their place of residence.

Those who wish to be considered for the award of a MEDICHEM Scholarship should notify the Scientific Committee of the Congress that they wish to apply when they submit the abstracts of their presentations. The Scientific Committee of the Congress will rank the accepted abstracts according to their scientific value and notify the Secretary General of MEDICHEM. The Secretary General, in consultation with the Board Members, will award the Scholarship(s) according to the following criteria:

  • scientific value
  • career development
  • personal circumstances
  • previous receipt of a MEDICHEM Scholarship

An award up to EUR 2,500 will be made to a maximum of 3 successful applicants to assist with travel and associated meeting costs, such as airfare, registration or accommodations. Receipt of MEDICHEM Scholarship will be acknowledged at the Congress and in the subsequent abstract publications. A list of recipients will be published at the MEDICHEM Website.

Winners of MEDICHEM Scholarships

1995 Boston Marko Saric, Croatia
1997 Varna Kibruyisfa Lakew, Ethiopia
1999 Vienna Kornelia Kotseva, Bulgaria
Tzveta Georgieva, Bulgaria
2001 Prague Martina Piasek, Croatia
Jolanta Walusiak, Poland
Carolina Lyubomirova, Bulgaria
2002 Baltimore Fengsheng He, China
Teo Popov, Bulgaria
2004 Paris Saiyed N. Habibullah, India
Olia B. Nikiforova, Bulgaria
Vidka Peneva-Nikolova, Bulgaria
2011 Heidelberg Dr. Martina Piasek, Croatia
Dr. Caihong Xing, China
2016 Basel Dr. Marilize Burger, South Africa
Dr. Wenceslao A. Kiat, Philippines
Professor Dr. Elpida-Niki Emmanouil-Nikoloussi, Greece, Cyprus
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